Images by Freddy Rozen: Blog en-us @2016 Images by Freddy Rozen [email protected] (Images by Freddy Rozen) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:07:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:07:00 GMT Images by Freddy Rozen: Blog 90 120 Indepence of Brazil Carnival Ball What fun party at Scala, Four Ambassadors.  The band and dancers were amazing; we couldn't get enough of it.  What a privilege it was to have a front row seat and have the opportunity to capture all the excitement and vibrant colors this night had to offer.  Paulo Gualano does it again!


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Was dying to do this. Finally, the day came, up early, batteries charged, and....

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Wonderful kids at a Temple Beth Am production of Annie It was truly amazing getting to watch and capture the images of these extremely talented children presenting their version of Annie.  Let me tell you - Broadway has nothing on these prodigies!!!  Stay tuned for the even younger and just as talented cast of Grease!



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Anue Miami - Women's clothing What a pleasure and privilege it was to spend the entire day with these women as photographs and videos were taken for the rebranding and launching of Anue Miami after 25 years of success in Miami.  Look at what the founders and owners had to say!!


Anue women's fashions

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Redlands Here's a recent video I did for my good friends Cecilia and Eugenia at ShowcaseMiami Realty in Coconut Grove.  This is a gorgeous house deep down in redlands, perfect for those wanting to be away from everything with plenty of land and greenery


17175 SW 232 ST, MIAMI, FL 33170 from Up There Aerial Photo & Video on Vimeo.

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The first post Welcome to my new website. This is the very first post.  It's right now 6:10 AM on January 1 2016.  So this is not just my very first post, but it's also the very first words I ever typed in 2016.  May this be a wonderful year for all!!!

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